Sovereign DBaaS
control. flexibility. automation.

Blastcap sovereign DBaaS delivers the power to deploy,  operate, manage, and scale popular databases easily, rapidly, and while in total control of costs, risk, and data sovereignty.

Why choose Blastcap sovereign DBaaS?

Cloud computing models are not just relevant to “public cloud computing,” and are no longer exclusive to the realm of the hyperscalers. The deployment models, such as self–service SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS are the future of IT infrastructure, and not exclusive to a hyperscaler. Instead, cloud deployment models are migrating to, and being adopted by, on–premises data centres, private clouds, and sovereign clouds.

There’s no reason the ease, flexibility, and control of a DBaaS shouldn’t be in your hands.


of business applications use databases


amount of IT budget allocated for data sovereignty

endless clusters
deploy anywhere
control costs
scale easily
private & secure

Gain the benefits you find in the hyperscalers, while maintaining data sovereignty

With cloud-based application modernisation becoming the core strategy, databases also need to become cloud-ready and be flexible/cost effective, agile, and scalable to create and manage database operations.

Rapid Deployment

There’s no need to sacrifice usability and functionality anymore. Gain the same ease of application deployment in your own data centre, private cloud, or sovereign cloud.

Scale without Fear

Typically, cloud costs escalate exponentially as your business scales. Not anymore.

Scale out, scale big.

Customer Services

Instantly be able to provide your customers with the ability to deploy, run, and manage advanced databases effortlessly.

Popular Databases

As more mixed use-cases become popular, you need multiple databases to address business needs.

Unified Platform

One DBaaS tool for all the databases you want to deploy to your users and customers. Blastcap is DB agnostic.

Sovereign Data

Keep your data where you want, and ensure you comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

Blastcap deploys these databases

  • MongoDB, 

  • Redis, 

  • MariaDB, 

  • Elasticsearch,

  • OpenSearch, and 

  • InfluxDB

More databases are coming. Feel free to reach out to us with your “hot list” for which database you think should be next on the list.

Our team are a bunch of database and development guru's, who built 3 DBaaS's

Blastcap is actually our third DBaaS product. We developed our first DBaaS back in 2018, for MammothDB. We subsequently architected and designed the DBaaS for MariaDB Corporation, known as SkySQL. Blastcap is our third iteration: where we’ve taken lesson’s learned, ideas, and new approaches to deliver the world’s best sovereign DBaaS.

Ready to get started?

Start offering your customers and users instand database deployments, enterprise configurations, and the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.