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If you’d like to learn more, book and see a demo, or stop by for a cup of coffee to talk shop, please reach out and let us know! we’ll get back to you asap. For general inquires you can either fill out the form or drop us an email or phone call. Talk soon!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blastcap?

Blastcap enables you to automatically deliver databases – from simple to advanced setups – to your users or customers. Empower your customers to spin up MongoDB, MariaDB, Redis, Elastic Search, OpenSearch, or InfluxDB with just the click of a button.

How quickly can Blastcap be installed?

Very fast! We’ve managed to  fully install Blastcap in typically under 2 days. For example:

  • AWS: 1 day
  • Azure: 1 day
  • GCP: 1 day
  • Ionos: 2 days
  • Hetzner: 2 days
  • Cloud Sigma: 2 days
What pricing models do you offer?

Typically we provide three pricing models:

  1. Per-node per month pricing;
  2. Revenue sharing;
  3. Site-wide annual license

Blastcap customers (such as private clouds) are free to apply any pricing model, including free, to your end-customers.

We’re always happy to discuss unique details and situations with you, so please contact us to discuss pricing.

Can your team install and configure Blastcap on our environment for us?

Yes, our team can install, configure, and train your internal teams. 

If you need help integrating Blastcap with your UI and services, as well as with testing, our professional services team can also assist you.

Which databases do you currentlly deploy?

Currently, Blastcap can deploy:

  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • MariaDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • OpenSearch
  • InfluxDB
Do you plan on adding more databases in the future?

Yes! We are always looking at adding popular databases to our DBaaS platform. In addition, we are happy to take market and customer feedback to incorporate into our roadmap, or even engage in special build for you. Just reach out, and let’s talk.

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