Blastcap for

Blastcap supports an array of MongoDB features letting you deploy, manage, monitor and scale from a single interface.

Easy deployment

Easily add and remove nodes, resize instances, and clone your production clusters with Blastcap.

Easy scalability

Blastcap enables for the ability to automatically repair and recover broken nodes, and test and automate upgrades. Using the Percona MongoDB Consistent Backup tool, Blastcap will allow you to make consistent snapshots of your MongoDB sharded clusters.

Save time & increase focus

Focus on your apps, not maintaining a database

Provision highly available MongoDB clusters in minutes via the UI, CLI, or API using a fully managed service and get back to building your app. No need to spend DevOps time & energy, just get coding ASAP.

Massive cost savings

Bring Your Own Cloud

Blastcap is the sovereign DBaaS that lets you host in your own cloud account, so you can save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs.
Full MongoDB admin control
Keep full SSH root access to the underlying machine and 100% admin control over your MongoDB® database clusters.
Automatic updates and upgrades

Stressing about applying maintenance updates, security patches, or version upgrades to your clusters? Do them all with single clicks from your DBaaS dashboard.

And of course, all this happens with no interruptions or downtime for your customers.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Customize your replica set configurations for high availability and redundancy failover protection for your production deployments.

Benefits of MariaDB on
Blastcap's sovereign DBaaS

Advanced topologies

Deploy synchronous Galera Clusters, High-Availability asynchronous clusters and proxies with the click of a button… in minutes.

Scheduled backups

Protect your databases with scheduled backups, or anytime on-demand and easily restore in one click.

Flexible sizing

Separately scale compute and storage database instance size to any level. Set vCPU’s, RAM, disk, and IOPS to any configuration you want.

Instant failover

Gain the ability to have automatic failover. If your ‘primary/master’ database fails, a MariaDB ‘replica/slave’ will automatically promoted to become the new ‘primary/master,’ and begin routing queries to it.


Anytime a node fails, or is unavailable, that node will automatically be detected and resolved. Backups and snapshots are continuously made and stored, and nodes are automatically restarted, restored, or re-created.

Session failover

MariaDB on Blastcap doesn’t just have automatic failover. With MaxScale, your nodes and clusters can fail over both database connections and active sessions, ensuring that mission-critical applications are not interrupted if a failover occurs.

Ready to get started?

Book a demo with us to see how easy it is to deploy Blastcap on your environment, and instantly be able to offer database services to your users.