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Provide fully hosted and managed MariaDB databases in under 5 minutes. Designed specifically for enterprise deployments, Blastcap enables you to deploy in the cloud or data centre of your choice, and deliver enterprise configurations and capabilities using community versions of MariaDB.

Galera Cluster Configurations

Blastcap does what even the MariaDB Corporation cloud does not: automatically deploy advanced Galera clusters for synchronous high availability. Deploy 3, 5, or 7 MariaDB Galera nodes in a cluster: automatically.

Galera Cluster is made for today’s always-available. It is fully read-write scalable, comes with synchronous replication, allows multi-master topologies, and guarantees no lag or lost transactions.

Built for high availability (HA)

Blastcap-deployed MariaDB high-availability (HA) clusters are designed for today’s enterprise production environments. They are fully read-write scalable, comes with unlimited asynchronous replication, provide for automatic failover (no manual interaction or intervention needed), and guarantee no lag or lost transactions.

Asynchronous HA with MariaDB and MaxScale is slightly different that using a Galera Cluster, and has it’s own strengths – such as scalability. With synchronous HA, you can scale as out as many database nodes as you need. Accompanied with read-write splits, you can gain incredible performance boosts.

High availability topologies can be with as many nodes as you need (2, 3, 4…), unlike many alternative offerings. Scale HA to whatever level your use-case requires.

MaxScale Integration

MariaDB MaxScale is a database proxy that extends the high availability, scalability, and security of MariaDB Server, while at the same time simplifying application development by decoupling it from underlying database infrastructure.

Blastcap supports both the GPL and BSL versions of MaxScale, enabling you to harness enterprise features, like automated HA, whilst using MariaDB community. If you prefer a MariaDB Corporation paid subscription, we also support these deployments.

Enterprise Performance

MariaDB has introduced many performance enhancing improvements out-of-the-box, including query optimizations. Benchmark tests are showingMariaDB perform 3-5% better than a similarly configured MySQL environment.

When you add in MaxScale (including the GPL version), you gain additional improvements.

For example, automated read-write splitting enables you to balance and optimise the workload on your nodes. Schema sharding allows you to distribute heavy workload schemas across multiple nodes, to further enhance performance.

Automatic Scalability

Blastcap enables MariaDB to scale up to greater CPU and memory instances, and of course you can always add more storage. Blastcap also enables you to scale out with as many more database nodes as you need.

Peak times finished for a while? Enable your customers and users to scale back down again.

Blastcap provides both scale-up and scale-out seamlessly and automatically. Your customers can start small and grow big, whenever they need it. As soon as the load (data, queries, users, etc.) increase, you can spin up new database nodes with the click of a button.

Automatic updates and upgrades

Stressing about applying maintenance updates, security patches, or version upgrades to your clusters? Do them all with single clicks from your DBaaS dashboard.

And of course, all this happens with no interruptions or downtime for your customers.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

With Blastcap, you can configure zero-interruption failover. Connection migration, session restore, and transaction replay provide advanced functionality for your HA and DR setups.

After an automatic failover, MaxScale can migrate the backend connection (for example, to another DC or cluster).

Database sessions are then restored on the new primary.

Finally, MaxScale can replay suspended transactions, so your application doesn’t have to retry them.



Benefits of MariaDB on
Blastcap's sovereign DBaaS

Advanced topologies

Deploy synchronous Galera Clusters, High-Availability asynchronous clusters and proxies with the click of a button… in minutes.

Scheduled backups

Protect your databases with scheduled backups, or anytime on-demand and easily restore in one click.

Flexible sizing

Separately scale compute and storage database instance size to any level. Set vCPU’s, RAM, disk, and IOPS to any configuration you want.

Instant failover

Gain the ability to have automatic failover. If your ‘primary/master’ database fails, a MariaDB ‘replica/slave’ will automatically promoted to become the new ‘primary/master,’ and begin routing queries to it.


Anytime a node fails, or is unavailable, that node will automatically be detected and resolved. Backups and snapshots are continuously made and stored, and nodes are automatically restarted, restored, or re-created.

Session failover

MariaDB on Blastcap doesn’t just have automatic failover. With MaxScale, your nodes and clusters can fail over both database connections and active sessions, ensuring that mission-critical applications are not interrupted if a failover occurs.

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