Why startups should start their marketing yesterday

Startups and entrepreneurs should always have a hook cast. Don't get complacent while things are going well.

The numbers were striking. As I sat with my team, staring at our screens, I could tell we were in trouble. We got by for years on referrals alone, but things were drying up. Our few leads were stringing things along, eventually leaving us completely dry. The emails were frantic, the calls were frequent, but nothing seemed to be working. What happened?

Many startups begin with a vision and a passion, and many times with the odds stacked against them. Their service or product may be great, but there are others that are similar, and those others have time on their side. The fight for eyes begins and a proper strategy can edge one business over the other.

Get your marketing going immediately

Enter the importance of marketing. Be it inbound or outbound marketing, startups need to have a strategy in place. Even if you seem to be doing well without it, don't expect that to last. Your product or service may be superior to your competitors, but if no one can see you why would they choose you? Better yet, why wouldn't you want more eyes on you? Setting aside a budget for marketing can increase your chances of being found and add security to your cash flow.

Take it from us. We learned the hard way what happens if you procrastinate your own digital marketing. We had been working with some great clients that were well connected. We were getting great feedback from all of them and our services were improving every day. Things were looking great. Come October, however, the mood began to shift. We were wrapping work with our latest client when we looked at our schedule and noticed an unusual amount of blank space. "What's next?" we said. Well, we had some proposals out, but nothing was final. Our exuberance quickly turned to worry. We had neglected to market ourselves and we were paying the price.

Lesson Learned

That humbling experience slapped us into shape and started us on a new journey. We poured hours into our strategy, developed creative, and set aside time every day to analyze our data and revise when necessary. Our sales started to rebound and we started to breathe a little easier. The work is never-ending and exciting, but something we should have been doing from the very beginning.

Learn from us and set aside some of your startup budget for marketing. If you don't have the time to implement a strategy, there are countless ways to get help. Don't procrastinate. Many of the major advertising platforms provide boilerplate generators to get you started, albeit with an impersonal touch. We prefer the more personalized approach, but it's ultimately up to you what path you choose. Either way, get your marketing going now and start catching some eyes!

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Randy Bascue


I am a UI/UX designer and a user advocate. I enjoy experimenting with the latest technology and trends and iterating over products to improve and perfect them. You can typically find me tinkering around on my computer, reading, or out and about in the Pacific Northwest.

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