One-of-a-kind experience for a first-of-its-kind service

Rip City Delivery is an ambitious cannabis courier startup located in Portland, Oregon. They provide on-demand cannabis delivery, and were the first courier-only services established in Portland.

The primary goal of Rip City Delivery is to provide added convenience in an up-and-coming industry. A startup looking for a budget option, we opted for a web application experience.

This was a challenging project. OLCC regulations were being released and revised what seemed like every few weeks. We needed to create not only a secure e-commerce experience, but also stay within regulations. We had to work closely with the business owner to ensure everything was in legal order before launch.

In a perfect world, this would be built with a framework from the ground up, but reality comes with other plans. In order to meet the client's budget, We opted to build on top of WordPress and Woocommerce. Numerous plugins were added along with custom modifications to make everything work seamlessly. This included the ordering system, SMS notifications, store hour restrictions, and order restrictions. The UI used elements from Material Design with other minimal elements added for flavor. 

Our timeline includes a beefed up service down the line with the hopes of creating a native application in the future to further improve user experience.

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