World-renowned aerospace engineering pairs with top-notch web design

Onamac is a well-established aerospace machining company located in Everett, Washington. They run an award-winning production for Boeing and other aerospace giants. They needed a digital presence to match.

Onamac produces highly technical and intricate parts. The pressure is high to never stray more than a millimeter on a part. Their employees are some of the best, earning them awards every year.

When finished, the products produced at Onamac are visually stunning. It's almost sad the parts are then hidden deep inside of airplanes and spaceships! We decided to showcase the parts we could, but due to their work with the government many of the parts were off limits. Instead, we decided to show off some of their employees throughout the website to give an element of humanity to an otherwise technical company. 

The website is clean using the company's primary brand color throughout to guide the user. A video was produced and added to the home page to provide users the opportunity to see more inside of Onamac's operation. The big goal was to appeal to potential recruits, so apply now buttons can be seen clearly on each page. The careers page is clear and concise with an application and job board for users to view and apply. The about page had a lot of information. To avoid information overload we utilized negative space and AJAX to load certain information on request only.  

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