Creating an enjoyable experience for users and members of a passionate industry resource

The Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (MMPA) is a marketing and educational resource for members and the public. They provide a central hub connecting producers and consumers.

The MMPA provides a crucial service to moulding and millwork producers that are unable to develop their own marketing. They requested an updated website with intuitive navigation to aid their users looking for services their members provide.

To achieve the MMPA's goals we deconstructed their members' expectations and the crossover with consumer expectations. We then focused on keeping the information succinct and driving users to join or purchase from the store.

We used principles from Google's Material Design library and created a custom UI color palette based off of the MMPA's primary brand color. As a result users are able to comfortably consume the content MMPA offers and manage their data in the membership portal.

With the new website aesthetic, the MMPA plans on adding more content to the website and expanding their service offerings in Q1 2018.

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